During this project we will host a number of introduction talks, ‘meet and greets’ with the temple guardains in the Rijksmuseum, lectures and Open Studios in Amsterdam. Events are free of charge exept for the entrance to the Rijksmuseum. You can use your Museumcard or other card. 

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or send an email to jikkevanloon@gmail.com

Meet and Greet the temple guardians in the Rijksumuseum of Amsterdam

Meet the two amazing temple guardians and artist Jikke van Loon who helped them return home. (approx 1 hour meeting)
Location: Rijksmuseum, Museumstraat 1, Amsterdam -these events will continue in Autumn 2024

Presentation and Talk

Concept, start and future idea of project Nio-mon, Building a Portal, A Home
*Mon. April 01 at 14-16 p.m. -subscribe-
    Location: Broedplaats Marci Panis, Amsterdam

* Sun. April 07 at 14-16 p.m. -subscribe-
   Location: Broedplaats Bogota
  Haarlemmerstraatweg 79, 1165 MK Halfweg